A Quick Report: Word to Serena & Naomi

-From the writers of The HuriKane Report

I will not mention his name but will talk about his character. He stole a host of points from Serena Williams this Saturday. Let’s break down why, shall we?
1. He’s a miserable punk.
2. He doesn’t like that Mrs. Ohanian is worth more than he’ll ever be.
3. She’s beautifully black.
4. She kicks ass and stands up to wanna-be bullies.
5. He didn’t want to see her win after having a difficult pregnancy, that would have to be too much.
6. This is a contribution to slugs everywhere that call themselves men. Shout-out to the real ones. We see you Mr. Ohanian!
7. Serena is still the baddest no matter what, so he had to take his little victory.

Naomi will get another chance to shine as this moment was robbed from her as was Serena’s fair competition with her. Miss Osaka’s career is promising, and she deserves the respect of not having her games interrupted by racism, sexism or any ism. Regardless of the ignoramus who posed as an umpire, you worked hard for this. You are a winner, hands down.
As we can see, males who have personal issues with women who will not take misplaced aggression from them have to take what little chances they can get to attempt to disrupt a success. Unfortunately, his attempt went down the toilet because if we know Serena we know she is coming for him. There won’t be a next time.


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