Another Dallas Murder Report: The Sniping of Ms. Atatiana Jefferson

“The forgiveness talk has put a target on all our backs.”

-Tariq Nasheed

“[I] don’t want no hug.”

– Atatiana’s Father, Marquis Jefferson

Atatiana Jefferson has been laid to rest as of October 25, 2019 this year. Her mother was not able to attend due to illness, but wrote a letter that was read during her services.

NPR News contributor writes:

“Marquis Jefferson, in a letter read by his wife, described his daughter as loving and kind, noting her “shining smile,” and her “quiet and strong focus.”

Family, friends and community leaders celebrate life of Atatiana Jefferson at funeral service

Oct 24, 2019

Update 10-19-19

See photos below of papers served to Mr. Jefferson from the Law Office of S. Lee Merritt ordering him to pay for legal fees for the representation of the siblings and other members of the mothers side of Atatiana Jefferson’s family for her murder. This order was filed directly after Mr. Jefferson filed and received a restraining order to halt the funeral preparation for his daughters services initiated by her mothers side of the family, which excluded him from participating. Mr. Jefferson has indicated since his first public interview that he has an insurance policy for his daughter that will handle the funeral costs.

Original Tweet
Original Tweet
Update 10-18-19
Atatiana Jefferson’s Father Holds News Conference After Ordering Stop To Daughter’s Funeral, Burial

Oct. 18, 2019

Update as of 10-17-19
Sgt. Dorsey Calls Bullshit

It is now being said that Atatiana picked up her gun and pointed at the window before she was murdered as said by the 8-year-old nephew according to the Fort Worth Police Department. Another allegation has surfaced that the emergency call made was not a welfare check, but an “open structure” call. Additionally, Aaron Dean the murderer of Atatiana, has refused to give any statement. See her analysis below.

Officer Who Shot Atatiana Jefferson Wasn’t Asked to Do Wellness Check Despite Neighbor’s Request

Oct 17, 2019

Update as of 10-16-19

PBS News Hour

WATCH: Family of Atatiana Jefferson, shot by police in her home, blame systematic failure

Streamed live 13 hours ago

The Family of Atatiana’s (mother’s side)

Update 10-14-19

Bloomberg TicToc

Family of Atatiana Jefferson Demands Justice for Fatal Shooting by Fort Worth Cop

Oct 14, 2019

Why would the aunt reveal family business publicaly ? What was the point of undermining the intentions of a black man who claimed Atatiana as his daughter who shares the same name as she did, and who intended to pay for the funeral expenses. It makes one wonder, why is the go-fund-me even in the discussion at this point? Where exactly is that money going? How does it matter more than achieving justice for the loss of this promising young woman?

Aaron Dean has Been charged with murder. See video below


Former Texas cop charged with murder for death of black woman

Oct 14, 2019

Aaron Dean, the suspected race soldier who murdered Atatiana Jefferson has resigned due to pressure being put on the Fort Worth Police department. The question is: when will he be charged for murder? “may be charged” is not justice.

Ex-Fort Worth Cop May Face Charges for Fatal Shooting of Atatiana Jefferson, Chief says

Bloomberg TicToc

Oct 14, 2019

Outrage After Woman fatally Shot by Officer Inside Fort Worth Home | NBC Nightly News

Oct 13, 2019

Woman shot and killed by police officer in her own home

Oct 13, 2019

Ms. Atatiana Jefferson has been shot dead because a suspected race soldier Aaron Dean, murdered her in her home during a wellness check. Atatiana was killed sniper style from the back window of her home while she played a video game with her 8-year-old nephew. The police officer is now on administrative leave and will be interviewed by Forth Worth Police Department. S. Lee Merritt is the representing the family of Atatiana. Sgt. Dorsey gives her insight on the details of the case.

The Calm of Sgt. Dorsey

Sgt. Dorsey’s knowledge of law is extensive. She has served to be a great source of information especially when navigating through high emotions and distractions that arise during most breaking news alerts and reports. Think of Sgt. Dorsey as the calm in the storm. She allows us to reconsider what is being presented in front of us and why.

Sgt. Dorsey Speaks

This must stop – Fort Worth police killed woman in her home

Oct 13, 2019

From Nique’s Perspective

Here is another perspective of the case from Nique at Nite where she shows footage of the police camera. “While there is no gore, you will hear the police officer yell and shoot” as stated by Nique herself. This also includes the testimony of the neighbor an older black man, who called the authorities for the wellness check. Nique the host of the YouTube Show and channel, gave her opinion which was the police just need more training and she does not believe this was racially motivated. This video was un-monetized and removed due to YouTubes new rules.

Lisa Cabrera’s Chat

Lisa Cabrera held a chat discussing the recent killing and make so e very interesting points concerning procedure, the actions of the police offer, the testimony of the neighbor and so on.

Also, a great source for more factual reporting with discussion. The African Diaspora News cover of the murder.

African Diaspora News

Atatiana Jefferson Shot Inside Her Home from Ft Worth Cop on A Wellness Check

Premiered 19 hours ago

What’s in mass media?

Below you find one of the many covers of this murder. The HuriKane Report team encourages our readers to look for the differences between all reports. It is imperative to takes note of the differences in order to properly discern what is missing and exploring why.

Footage of Police Cam

‘Unlike Botham Jean, I Don’t Want No Hug’: Atatiana Jefferson’s Father on The Shooting Death of His Daughter

Oct 13, 2019

The Black Authority contributes his commentary behind the murder of Lesandro “Junior” Feliz-Guzman last year in the Bronx, New York. He compares the late Lesandro’s family’s reaction to his death to the recent one of the Jean family concerning the murder of Botham Jean. He highlights the difference between a family demanding justice and unlike the other who expressed much leniency toward their family members killer. You hear the result of being unforgiving below.

The Black Authority

10-13-2019 Unforgiven

Streamed live 17 hours ago

What can You Do?

The best way we can deal with this is to not allow this case to go the way the Jean case went. We must be sure that family wants justice. The people of Dallas are encouraged to push for the punishment for the murders that have occurred.  All local city, state and federal officials, need to continuously be contacted in order to guarantee that there is a justice for this reckless yet, intentional murder as we’ve heard from Sgt. Dorsey and from many others such as Tariq Nasheed. Tariq will be discussing this murder with other subjects on his next show. As The HuriKane Report has previously reported with many others, the recent case with murderer Amber Guyger and the victims’ family the Jean’s, has blatantly signaled white supremacist domestic terrorists to kill without impunity. Start participating in your community activities and local government to help prevent the genocide of black people in America.

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Boukman’s Prayer

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Houngan Boukman Dutty

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