SP stands for SUPER POWER: Scott Parker the Real Superman

On one of David Banner‘s interviews, he’d stated that Superman had to be a black man because he gets his power from the sun. That’s makes sense, given our melanin does just that; perhaps more. Within a millisecond the Black American man popped into mind. Of course, the person who mentioned this fact fits this description. All the real-live supermen started to come into thought. Then save the best for last, Scott Parker on David Banner’s New Podcast. This is the man that helps all people get in touch with their inner super-hero.

Never Heard film Star David Banner chats with Madison Chase

Nov 1, 2018

We all know David’s projects are normally out of this world, but who knew that the people on his podcast are just that too. Scott, Regina Davenport, Salih Robinson, a great production team along with David Banner himself always leaves us with different takes on subjects such as “What is loyalty?” , “What is integrity?” or “When is the Bag Not Enough?”. While all the hosts have great input, Scott is known for sometimes saying the least, but leaving the onlooker with much contemplation. He comes from a place of experience, but one wonders, how did all that wisdom get into a young man such as himself?

The Wise One

Scott P is a well-known celebrity fitness trainer to some of the most talented people in entertainment and has low-key type of gentleman persona. Anyone could see he is strong while simultaneously possessing the discipline and air of some of history’s most influential generals. See him below.

On Relationships and Common Sense

He is a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, a historical black college in Tallahassee, Florida. The college is known to have started with 15 black students in October 1887. This is where he began his career as a fitness trainer to later become the businessman with a well-known brand he’s built from the ground up today. Scott is intellectual, more than that, he is humble and can balance it with dignity and boundaries for himself. It would be a delight to read a literary work by him one day. One could only expect good sound advice coming from an honorable man. Here are some examples of his wisdom in short clips below.

Food Quality
Scott’s Segment on David Banner Podcast
The Professional

He’s in incredible shape better than any Superman we ever knew in the cinema. Really, most black men surpass the Superman from the movies. He teaches a routine below. It’s very effective and simple. He has drills for everyone.


Work Out Zone: Scott Parker Shares Some Healthy Fitness Tips

Apr 24, 2015

Scott Parker – TRX Suspension trainer Whole Body Workout

Nov 27, 2010

The Person

Scott’s sense of humor is subtle and that’s what makes it so amusing. He can say crazy shit with a straight face. He’s proven to be a great co-host to David Banner. See Below.

Crazy Stories

It is the hope that The HuriKane Report has done justice to the SUPER POWER aka Scott Parker, who is a super-trainer by day but the real Superman by night. Is it a bird, a plane? No. It’s the man of the hour, his name is Scott Parker and the SP stands for the real SUPER POWER.

Make it your mission to watch the David Banner Podcast and follow all of these wonderful people that make it such an entertaining experience, rooted in love for black people.
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Boukman’s Prayer

The god who created the earth; who created the sun that gives us
light. The god who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God who
has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds; who watch us from where you
are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white man’s god asks
him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is
so good, so just, He orders us to revenge our wrongs. It’s He who will direct
our arms and bring us the victory. It’s He who will assist us. We all should
throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the
voice for liberty that speaks in all our hearts.

Houngan Boukman Dutty

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