Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey: The Calm After the Storm and the Thunder in the Lightning

Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey- The HuriKane Report

Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey

There have been very few people we at The HuriKane Report truly believe represent the personification of a host of our most powerful orishas. This person was put here to usher in justice in places most black Americans wouldn’t dare to go. A former Los Angeles police officer, Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey knows that once a police officer, always a police officer. Don’t get this confused with the suspected race soldiers that have joined the police ranks. They don’t count. Sgt. Dorsey does. All people like her do.

Although she is a force to be reckoned with, there are still ones who attempt to test her. They troll her on her platforms and are dumb enough to make up things about her looks. If you were to see her beautiful mane and gorgeous presence all the way through, you would immediately know the ones who try her are blind with hate just like the domestic terrorists we know and flip the bird to on the daily. See her most recent work.

Sgt. Dorsey Speaks
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Facts about Sgt. Dorsey
Where is Sgt. Dorsey from?

She is from South Central, Los Angeles and ‘’witnessed white flight due to the rise of the world-famous gangs Bloods and Crypts”.

When did she start and why stay in that field?

In 1978 she began her career with State of California, Department of Justice as law enforcement. As young mother she made the decision to apply for a job with great benefits and salary where she would be able to sustain her family. By 1980 Sgt Dorsey joined the Los Angeles Police Department where she became a 20-year veteran. As far as our team is concerned here at The HuriKane Report, she has become one of the biggest blessings to black society first, but also the world.

Where can we find her?

Sgt. Dorsey is one of the many stars of film Race War by the well-known Black Authority on YouTube and shares her knowledge on events that black people are more likely to experience or encounter. She also has her podcast Sgt. Dorsey Speaks, her YouTube Channel by the same name as well. You can follow her on Facebook here. Sgt. Dorsey is an author as well as a powerful public speaker. You can purchase her book Black and Blue or book for speaking engagements here. Sgt. Dorsey sheds light on the most recent murder case with victim Botham Jean.

Sgt. Dorsey Speaks
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“As a police expert with an eye toward social justice advocacy she provides a candid, honest and unique perspective on social and institutional abuses with a level of credibility that is effective, relevant and irrefutable. As an LAPD insider, Sgt. Dorsey highlights criminal, social or public policy injustices affecting disenfranchised communities throughout the nation. As a mother and police professional, Sgt. Dorsey exposes social and institutional disparities and abuses, while introducing strategies and commentary on how to systematically attack those injustices, empower audiences with a broad and unique perspective on how to navigate within that system, when necessary, and help change that system, when possible.”

This extraordinary human being deserves our support in every way because she supports humanity by educating and advocating for all our lives. We salute you Sgt. Dorsey. More of her work below.

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Sep 12, 2019

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Boukman’s Prayer

The god who created the earth; who created the sun that gives us
light. The god who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God who
has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds; who watch us from where you
are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white man’s god asks
him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is
so good, so just, He orders us to revenge our wrongs. It’s He who will direct
our arms and bring us the victory. It’s He who will assist us. We all should
throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the
voice for liberty that speaks in all our hearts.

Houngan Boukman Dutty

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