V.G.Q. : The Victims Guaranteed Qualifier and In-fighting Resolution Report

‘“Look at all them fighting over how they are going to handle me.” [,said the prison warden regarding the inmates.]”‘

-Neely Fuller Jr.

There has been a lot of disagreement and hearsay within black social media for the past 4 days. It’s a critical time in the eve of major court cases and movements that have been gaining headway and momentum. This is a good example of white supremacy holding both sides of an argument in order to control it. The outcome always results in white supremacy or white dominance whether it is the direct or indirect.

The Concept

Regardless of how any argument started, what remains the same is that the disagreement and hearsay has caused a lack of focus. When there is no focus, then there is no way to stay on target with any goal. Grant it, members of the Black American community, which is also described as ADOS and FBA, will not handle our issues in the same way, as a group or individually. Since this is a given, when we are antagonized by anyone to respond to hearsay, what someone has said, done, or the like we must remember the concepts of our elder Neely Fuller Jr. Some of his concepts that should be applied immediately are as follows:

“Victims Guaranteed Qualification (V.G.Q.)[:] Use this term to apply to what a Non- white person (Victim of White Supremacy) chooses to say about Race, Racism and /or Counter -Racism during the existence of White Supremacy (Racism), including anything that he or she chooses to say as it pertains to what White Supremacy (Racism) is, how it works, how Non- white persons are victimized by it, and /or what to do ( or not do) about it.

Notes: During the existence of The System of White Supremacy (Racism), and according to Compensatory Counter-Racist Logic, every Non-White person who is subject to and /or a Victim of The System of White Supremacy (Racism), is totally “qualified” to say anything that he or she chooses to say that either directly or indirectly pertains to race, racism and/or Counter-Racism. Since no White person is subject to and/or is a Victim of White Supremacy (Racism), it is not logical to think, speak and/ or act as if a White person should choose to say anything about Race, Racism, and/or Counter Racism, unless what is said is in support of the replacement of The System of White Supremacy (Racism) with The System of Justice (balance between people).”

Also see the video below.


1st Hour

Nov. 13th, 2019

All of Us Are Victims of Racism

Further, the description of Victim of Racism is classified according to The United- Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept as the following:

‘Use this Term to apply to any person who is racially classified as, and/or who is generally considered to be, “Black”, “Brown,” “Red,” “Yellow,” and/ or Non-White and, who is has been directly or indirectly dominated by White Supremacists (racists). (See, “Victim”).’

Here is today’s show with Mr. Fuller answering questions about the application of his concept.


2nd Hour

Nov. 13, 2019

In Summary

To summarize this definition, Mr. Fuller usually explains that when dealing with a difference in opinion, hearsay or gossip in general and when being asked about, it he suggests replying, “They said what they said.” And continue to repeat that with every attempt by anyone who is trying to instigate gossip or confusion. To learn more, please visit producejustice.com to purchase the book and more. Also subscribe and to Talktainment Radio Channel and the Victor of RWS YouTube Channel. The channels can be very helpful as it can guide one on how to read and utilize Mr. Fuller’s literature. To see examples of some of these concepts in action, please see the video by Phil Scott below of the African Diaspora News.

African Diaspora News Channel with Phil Scott

Black Enterprise, New York Times #ADOS Article & Reasons Voltron Can’t Be Formed

Nov. 10, 2019

Video has been removed as of today. We encourage you to use the link above to inquire about any of his news shows.

Also, The Black Authority offers a wonderful analysis of the recent NYT Article on ADOS. Due to white supremacy antics, the normal page has been taken down. Throughout the whole live show, Mr. Black spoke nothing but the truth about the article and went only off what was written in it. He is not person who uses excessive profanity, rather an individual with a very large vocabulary who also breaks down language for anyone who may not understand the use of some of his diction or the material that he may discuss. Here is another channel for Mr. Black. Make certain that you support this brother at theblackchannel.net.

What Can We Do Now?

1. Do not engage in any hearsay and avoid those that don’t do the same.

2. Stay focused and engage in no back and forth with anyone.

3. Stay alert and be aware of any incriminating language or tactics being used toward Black Americans. (Also known as hearsay.)

4. Support Black American justice initiatives by seeing how you can help.

5. Always support justice and “maintain” it as we say.

Professor Black Truth also lends a great analysis of the current events as they relate to the goals for the people of our lineage. See below and support him as well.

Professor Black Truth

We Won’t Lose Our Focus

Nov 10, 2019

In spirit of staying focused lets continue to support the FBA Conference by clicking the button below. The conference has been pushed back to September 19th, 2020.

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Boukman’s Prayer

The god who created the earth; who created the sun that gives us
light. The god who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God who
has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds; who watch us from where you
are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white man’s god asks
him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is
so good, so just, He orders us to revenge our wrongs. It’s He who will direct
our arms and bring us the victory. It’s He who will assist us. We all should
throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the
voice for liberty that speaks in all our hearts.

Houngan Boukman Dutty


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