Entrapping Black America and Beyond

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

en·trap·ment | \ in-ˈtrap-mənt

, en- \

Definition of entrapment

1a : the action or process of entrapping

b : the condition of being entrapped

2 : the action of luring an individual into committing a crime in order to prosecute the person for it

3 medical : chronic compression of a peripheral nerve (such as the median nerve) usually between ligamentous and bony surfaces that is marked by pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness

Entrapment Meaning

10 Police Interrogation Techniques

In the last few days, we’ve seen our people have been assaulted and murdered by race solders in uniform. Some vary in color, but they all follow the same ideology. Before this, we have seen how the very culprits who have caused this world pandemic, have mistreated our people worldwide and left them in the streets more vulnerable to any danger than they ever were. This article will outline the items we must master in a very short time period. It can and must be done. Knowing how to exercise our human rights is no longer a willful choice of ignorance on whether we will learn them or not, but a matter of knowing we WILL use them in our day to day lives.

Self Defense

It is your God given right to defend your self when you are being attacked whether it is directly, by way of entrapment or other more calculated techniques to jail Black people, especially Black Americans. For more instruction on self defense go to https://armedblackgear.com and IG : armed_black_movement. Al-Bal is an authority on this subject.

Before the Incident

You have to know your rights. It is imperative at this point we defend our selves by arming our brains with the knowledge needed to survive and thrive. Go to https://reelnagas.com and get the Know Your Rights Package ASAP. When you have a chance also visit Reel Nagas on YouTube for much needed information.

Reel Nagas

During the Incident

Have someone get all badge numbers and names and have them tape the incident to get good clear shots of the criminal and his activity. Make sure they are safe and at a good distance away. Stay calm, its the only way we can conquer this situation. If you are a bystander, it is your duty to perform the above. You don’t have to know the person being abused. Help in anyway you can but stay safe. Remember, anyone can report anonymously and use the techniques discussed in any of the instruction mentioned in this article.

Cell phone

Know how to use it inside and out, some of us may not be able to carry a weapon so to speak, but these phones are just that. There are many things that can be put to great use, use them! You know we have mastered how to make things go viral…..

After the Incident

Remember the collecting of badge numbers and names? Use the book What is A Surety Bond by Reel Nagas to instruct you on how to shut their whole way of life down. Taking away their bond not only immediately takes them out of work, but it ensures it will be difficult for them to get more work in policing and maybe private security. Afterwards, you can sue everyone involved. Don’t miss anyone who is upholding this horrible system. Be persistent and when in doubt, follow Mr. Neely Fuller’s workbook and podcast, go to https://producejustice.com.

Produce Justice

Take Care of your Body

We know that this pandemic has us looking in one direction, but we must stay healthy by eating correctly and exercising. This includes staying protected from any germs, bacteria and STRESS. For the best ways to do this go to www.laillaafrika.com, read the books and watch the videos that Dr. Stevenson and her late husband Dr. Afrika have laid out for us years before all this. Dr. Phil Valentine also has great guidance on the current times and ways we can come out of this more healthy and wealthy than ever before. Please go to https://kemetaphysics.org for Dr. Valentine’s instruction.

Dr. Laila Afrika

Stay in the Know

Make sure you pay attention and use the information given to you by such radio personalities as Zo Williams who always give us information we are to implement in our dealing with ourselves and each other. He also includes current events that likely have the power to change our lives as a people. He’s gracious enough to use our platform to get some of those stories to you. The most important thing he, his co-hosts and guests stress, is that we can no longer be apart from each other to get through this. We WILL have to work collectively, no exceptions. You can visit www.iamzowilliams.com for Zo’s life coaching service and his literary works to get your brain together to weather this storm. Also visit http://pioclothing.com for his latest clothing line.

Zo Williams

Last But Not Least

The best way to start empowering your self as black person is to shop black. Make certain that no dollar you spend goes out of your community. That means buy those t-shirts, kicks, food, house products and etc. from black businesses. They are out there, have websites and an internet presence like you wouldn’t believe. If there are products that we simply don’t have and you can make a good product, then make it come into fruition. Need some game on business? Listen to The Black Authority via YouTube and his other notable channel The Business also on YouTube, both may be on his podcast. Also go to https://theblackchannel.net for more products from The Black Authority.

The Black Authority

The Business

Rest in complete and total power to the innocent Black men and women who’s lives where taken by race soldiers recently and in the past. They cannot die in vain.

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Boukman’s Prayer

The god who created the earth; who created the sun that gives us light. The god who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God who has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds; who watch us from where you are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white man’s god asks him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is so good, so just, He orders us to revenge our wrongs. It’s He who will direct our arms and bring us the victory. It’s He who will assist us. We all should throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the voice for liberty that speaks in all our hearts.

Houngan Boukman Dutty


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