Sensory Overload: An Anti-Black War Tactic

Sensory Overload-The HuriKane Report

Sensory Overload Tactics

The year has been one of extreme events in ways the world has never seen. Our people have witnessed through media multiple lynchings in the past weeks and the constant misrepresentation of the stories of the innocent. Mass media has continued to feed raw images of black men being gunned down, beating our children, killing our women and men, media of white supremacists mocking our deaths at their hands and coon attorneys being quiet about the details of the cases or not taking them at all. More recently, we are dealing with families of the victims being paid off to stay silent, or encourage cowering to the system of racist white supremacy. The constant trauma of our people seeing these images are to induce sensory overload in a multitude of ways, either to be desensitized or be overly sensitive to them. This is one of the many psychological tactics used in the current war of anti-black racism. However, it is the main one.

Sensory Overload

This does not occur not only through images, but sounds that startle the body’s systems. This is anything that can interrupt peace of mind to a human being on any level. The most effective ways this has been introduced to our people is through music that speaks negativity, causes negative emotion, police sirens going through our residential areas constantly, seeing police in riot gear with exposed loaded weapons, constant surveillance are just a few examples. Any military type activity taking place around unarmed black people, is going to cause sensory over load. Remember family, this is while we are weathering the COVID pandemic.

Extreme Sensory Overload

Black people world wide are being targeted by many phony initiatives to lessen the spread of COVID by being forced to take vaccines from corporate executives who are not doctors, kicked out on to the streets in Asia, killed by the police in America with impunity for allegedly violating social distancing and essentially just existing. Dr. Boyce Watkins reported earlier in the day that the family of Breonna Taylor has made a video to encourage black people not to express unrest due to her murder.But he so eloquently stated, this isn’t only about Breonna. As we suspected, they are being quiet because they expect a settlement. How lowly of them to accept a penny in exchange for their family member being lynched. This is about a system that is killing our people for sport. Throw in the reemergence of the Kawasaki Disease, the push for HR Quad 6 (HR 6666) introduced by none other than Bobby Rush, more dead black people at the hands of the authorities, the expectation of an aggressive hurricane season and some killer hornets, you’ve got chaos in the average black persons brain soon to spread to the body. We can not exist this way regardless of what is imposed on us. We must fight on every level. This means taking care of your brain and all parts of your body to win this battle and all wars.

St. Anna

Do you remember the story Spike Lee told of our black soldiers during WWII? The Germans got their female soldiers to speak insults in clear english 24/7, over the radio waves in a pornographic fashion to the black soldiers as they waited to attack the German soldiers from their foxholes. These black men were ultimately left for dead by the time the battle was won and over with. This is just an example of the level of inhumanity we are dealing with from our land and foreign. These people reproduced and migrated all over the world only to uphold the same white supremacist ideology they did then. Most of our people have pointed that out on multiple platforms, but not enough. This ideology is world wide and we must act as such. Now technology has given WS an edge. If we are not aware of how we protect our bodies first, we wont be able to help each other any better. Please consider these solutions below.


While it is a soldiers duty to always be ready for physical combat, they must be mentally ready as well. That means you must eat correctly, exercise, sleep well, train and study. No blasting loud music while studying, reading sleeping or meditating. Listen to Classical American Jazz created by Black Americans and classical music of all types and ease your mind. Learn to think your way out of any situation. Activate your pineal gland and keep it activated. Turn off all electronics and put them on air plane mode when not in use. Cut them off completely when you are sleeping. Purchase a battery operated clock and a regular watch. Always take time to notice and look at beautiful things of the earth like flowers, nature, waterfalls; our people. This is easy to do while you take your morning walks. Get guidance from our elders who are well versed in such preparation. Dr. Phil Valentine is a great help. Keep your mind body and spirit in balance. For help with this Kaii Marie of The Healing Element, Reel Nagas and Mr. Zo Williams himself have services available to help you align with your purpose, take better care of yourself and assisting with taking care of your people. Utilize them all! Family take great care yourself and each other because no one else will do so.


It has come to our attention that black people are being blamed for looting and burning stores when there is evidence of white supremacists committing the crimes, and pretending to be allies with the black groups that are defending themselves against violence turn to attack them. We are not having this. The president has just announced he is going to activate the national guard to shoot our people in Minneapolis because of white supremacist looters. This is all because the murderer Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd is being protected by multiple legal authorities of the state, while under the status as a civilian, as reported by Tariq Nasheed. Also support his news site He and his staff work diligently to check WS. The actions of the authorities clearly shows the solidarity among all the white supremacists in our country. WE must show solidarity among ourselves. Regardless of him being arrested today, he must get the death penalty. No black politicians have said a word in support in of our people. Call their offices. The charge of 3rd degree murder is a light charge in comparison to what he did. It is simply not enough. We must bail our people out of jail who have been falsely accused of any crime in self defense against police posing as race soldiers. If you can’t form your own group to do so, send what ever you can to reputable people or organizations that can. One source we know is Jason Black of the Black Authority. To assist Jason in his focus, you can send money to Cash App $TheBlackChannel.

Here is his message as per his moderator:

If you know someone is Minneapolis, Los Angeles, D.C. or any other location where there is currently an uprising and you have CONFIRMED they have one of these bogus charges claiming they did something to a police officer write me at the following email address:[.]I am seeing about paying bail for anyone CONFIRMED to have put in work and is unjustly being held for resisting white supremacy.

READ FULL POST in Official Jason Black group

5-28-2020: Action On Minneapolis


Dee Tubman

5-29-2020: Uprising : Minnesota

Bless our brothers and sisters out there defending our people. You are all protected and guided. Win and keep on winning. We will support you. Bath in the spirit of our Orishas.

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Boukman’s Prayer

The god who created the earth; who created the sun that gives us light. The god who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God who has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds; who watch us from where you are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white man’s god asks him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is so good, so just, He orders us to revenge our wrongs. It’s He who will direct our arms and bring us the victory. It’s He who will assist us. We all should throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the voice for liberty that speaks in all our hearts.

Houngan Boukman Dutty

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