Quick Report: What Does the Constitution Cover?

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What rights do the articles of the Constitution cover- what does it really mean?

To describe the “rights the constitution covers” can be classified as a list of rights of the American people in relation to their government. These are the Bill of Rights that are found in the first ten amendments of the constitution, and arguably the most important amendments. These rights guarantee that people have civil rights and liberties, such as freedom of religion and speech. This bill further protects the right to peaceful assembly, press and even the liberty of petitioning the government. These rights have the capability of setting the rules for the due process of law and reserves all the powers not delegated to the federal government to the public.

It further specifies that “the enumeration in the Constitution, of particular rights, should not be interpreted to deny or criticize other rights that are retained by the people.” the first amendment lays out these five fundamental freedoms of the people which are essential because they allow the people of the public to speak, write, think and even write or act without fear of been punished by the government for disagreeing with their sentiments. Our brother Zo Williams gave us an example of this as he suggested what the effects of true police reform look like in our previous article from July 3rd. These rights further allows the press to highlight stories without necessarily getting consent from the governments thus promoting unbiased news media. These rights further protect people against unfair treatment, unreasonable searches, and seizures, and also to keep and bear arms to maintain a militia. The rights covered by the constitution mean the bill of rights that protects the people from the government. Review the documents below to give yourself a better understanding of the rights we reserve. To help your learning and implementation of U.S. law and beyond, go to reelnagas.com and purchase the law classes and literature plus much more. Also follow the YouTube channel Reel Nagas.

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