How to Lawfully Respond to America’s Mass Threat to its Melanated Inhabitants

NFAC Final

Retro July 7th, 2020

When You Are Threatened…

The lives of black people in America have been threatened and those threats have been fulfilled for centuries. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our lives have been threatened collectively by white supremacists in every institution in the most bold and open manner; especially the ones that serve our government and legal systems local and federal. Lynchings of all kinds have occurred against men, women and children. Most have been broadcast worldwide, in some cases causing protests that have been co-opted by our enemies through the promotion of sexual deviant access and behavior to be imposed on everyone regardless of preference, age or species. Our children and women are attacked as they run errands by WS brandishing weapons on us. More incidents of random white supremacist females attacking and attempting to entrap our people by calling the police become a regular occurrence. More often than not, we are killed as victims of false reports or nothing at all. These events are only a fraction of the killings and attacks of our people. Most don’t have camera footage to view. The latest threat to our lives was solidified and confirmed by none other than by the Federal Bureau of Investigations known as the FBI. No source of information was given and most significantly, no counter to protect black life in America was implemented. What should our response be?

The NFAC & BSDC Response

On July 4th Grand Master Jay held two formations with his organization, the Not Fucking Around Coalition known as NFAC. One on Stone Mountain, Georgia home of the Klu Klux Klan, and the other in Phoenix, Arizona at Esteban Park (named after the African- Mexican master explorer Esteban de Dorantes) with the Black Self Defense Coalition known as BSDC led by Anthony Dwight in response to the mass threat on black peoples lives in the United States, especially targeting GMJ who has said he often receives numerous death threats. Of all of the people who attended the formations, there were no accidents among them, no one brandishing weapons and many eyes on them besides. It is history’s largest and first all black open carry. Over 1500 people were present in Stone Mountain and of a smaller amount in Phoenix. Of course there were some “onlookers” present to distract, some that looked like on-lookers sitting and hiding in their cars in the park from afar in Phoenix, some standing among supporters wanting to take pictures and not talk to any of the captains to ask the questions they asked the NFAC spectators. A Karen attempted to shift attention to herself, while the NFAC stood guard of every direction basically ignoring her desperate attempt to disrupt the gathering.

Overall, there were peaceful assemblies in both places. In GA, the formation moved through Stone Mountain with the police pretending to escort NFAC. According to GMJ, from his Factz Ova Feelinz No Teeth Part 1 dated July 6, 2020 the police were really evacuating the park. He also stated that the City of Stone Mountain is now re-evaluating the process on giving permits for access to the park after the formation. No attacks occurred and no WS terrorists groups made good on their promises or showed themselves armed. A good question to pose would be though, is how many showed up in total at each location counting the ones in or out of uniform that did not make themselves obvious? How about who were there to figure out how many body types or faces they could catalog? The mentality of a brute surpasses the pigment of ones skin unfortunately. At the very least, righteousness would have to be some sort of barrier to ensure a persons safety from this deadly form of genocide.

Correcting WS Media- Ignorant Content

Privately funded news sources have misrepresented the formations as protests, marches and other concocted ideas. Correctly defined, they were formations were our people were armed, gathered and moved through two locations, peacefully and lawfully. Additionally, this was done respectfully because no rubbish was left behind and no damage was done. The formations had nothing to do with hate of anyone, but everything to do with protecting our people since our federal law authorities did not respond to protect their citizens nationally due to the mass death threat issued to a nation of black people during a period we are murdered for sport. No one is being held accountable. The system of white supremacy has killed more of our people than the global pandemic. What was received through word of mouth? A rumored FBI document with unfounded facts describing ghost white domestic terrorists groups plan to attack us nation-wide no matter what state we live. If our government will not respond, we must. So NFAC and BSDC did. Our people will not allow death and destruction to come to us without us eliminating it completely. NFAC nor BSDC are terrorist organizations, they are black militias, which is perfectly legal and within the supreme law of the land, especially in the face of tyranny, as our people have continuously seen within the United States for quiet some time. The social following of GMJ has quadrupled since the occurrences of the formations. Melanated people will not keep ourselves open to abuse, but we will do what is necessary to protect ourselves and our families. WS should think twice before they threaten or attack another black person, because they very well could be running into a black militia. We at The HuriKane Report thank NFAC, Grand Master Jay, BSDC, Anthony Dwight and the rest of the supporters of our people.

Let us not forget…….

*Breaonna Taylor’s killers have still not been arrested but she gets a meaningless mural

*Like the meaningless murals of BLM with the misuse of rainbows going through the middle

*Rainbows are not to be used for sexual deviance pride but the original meaning is to symbolize hope.

*Jason Black has done it again he has put billboards throughout New York to counter anti-black racism. To contribute to helping him put up billboards in places you think that need them, Cash App him at $TheBlackChannel , and leave short note on where you’d like to see the next billboard. If there is enough funds to go to that area it will be put up. Be creative and make sure it reaches our audience, the white supremacists. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel The Black Channel to get a background on the work hes done in New York and most places in the U.S.

*Do not pay attention to any of the bought and paid for tools who are promoting the destruction of all melanated people even if they wear the black flag colors……

*Have you noticed IG putting up distorted photos of melanated people? Don’t just block it Report it.

*Have you noticed IG putting up inappropriate photo of children? Don’t just block it. Report it.

*Lastly, any trolls making hateful comments or posting images of cruel things? Don’t just block it. Report them. This is all against community rules. Police every portion of our community family!

*Young black servicewoman LaVena Johnson that was raped, tortured and killed in 2005 and no arrest made, but a young latina who was also a soldier who was murdered back in April 2020 in Texas, is being rigorously investigated and arrested have been made is being countered with Ms. Johnson’s story- where’s Ms. Johnson’s killers after 15 years? Also, what are the statuses of the investigations of the black men and women brutally attacked and raped while they served?

* There is a false reporting surge in anti -asian harassment in the mass media and politicians are tripping over themselves to give Asians the reparations we have asked for. How many lynched Asians have we seen this year as opposed to the Asians doing the lynching during this anti- black race war?

*Who put out the FBI memo and where did they get their facts?

*Buy Black Owned and Operated and nothing else family you deserve it…….

* If you’d like more information about the NFAC contact or DM the General himself on Instagram ,@TheOfficalGrandMasterJay. No inappropriate messages.

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Boukman’s Prayer

The god who created the earth; who created the sun that gives us light. The god who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar. Our God who has ears to hear. You who are hidden in the clouds; who watch us from where you are. You see all that the white has made us suffer. The white man’s god asks him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is so good, so just, He orders us to revenge our wrongs. It’s He who will direct our arms and bring us the victory. It’s He who will assist us. We all should throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. Listen to the voice for liberty that speaks in all our hearts.

Houngan Boukman Dutty

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