Black Men Sound Off In Response to Mass Defamation

The Defamed Many black men have spoken out about the disrespect of our recently transitioned brother Kobe Bryant along with … More

The Conscious Report: When Trolls Pretend to Be Woke

We reposted a link to a video that seems to be from a country in Africa where people were asking is there something wrong with the content which is a young girl child is twerking on a boy around her age and kissing him as someone else is holding the camera catching all their engagement while they laugh and smile. These were black children. As mentioned on our twitter and other social media, there needs to be an alert put out to these children’s parents.

A Quick Report: The Origins of Black Cruelty

This video is from 8:32 AM · Sep 18, 2019 from Namibia·Twitter for iPhone and has over 3 million views at the moment. The person who posted (below) responded to the others who felt this was horrible treatment retorted,” Same people who don’t find this vid funny actually laughed before commenting but because of clout seeking, they will deny it [grey smiley face emoji].”